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Attend the No. 1 Research-based Couples Workshop

and Experience the Joy of a More Fulfilling Relationship

The Only Military Veteran Gottman Master Trainer

Jonathan Shippey is one of 25 Gottman Master Trainers. As a U.S. Army veteran, Jonathan has worked with many military and veterans’ families, and this experience has sharpened his skills in counseling other couples in distressful situations. 

As a Master Trainer with The Gottman Institute, he has an extensive depth of knowledge and expertise in this model and is certified to not only present live couples‘ workshops, but also to train other therapists who wish to learn the Gottman Method. Don't miss this chance to learn the best from the best right here in Kentucky!

Based on More Than 40 Years of Research with Thousands of Couples

This marriage and couples retreat is the culmination of 4 decades of research studying the "masters" and "disasters" of relationships. Find out what it takes to be successful in love.

The workshop concepts are based on the work of Dr. John Gottman, who is world-renowned for his innovative "Love Lab" where scientists studied couples in their day-to-day activities. His researchers tracked most of these couples for more than 20 years and pinpointed the common behaviors of couples who were happily together after years of follow-up.

Learn new insights and skills proven to dramatically:

·      improve intimacy,

·      strengthen friendship, and

·      manage conflict in a healthy, positive way.