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The Way You Make Me Feel: Writing Emotion in Fiction and Nonfiction

Readers need to feel something or they won’t care about your story. But how can we put complex emotions into words? How can we create empathy so the reader feels what the character is feeling? And how can we convey emotion without tipping over into sentimentality? In this two-hour craft seminar, we’ll examine stories and essays that get emotion right—and wrong—so we can see how it works. We’ll discuss elements such as restraint, the use of concrete details, psychic distance, internal narrative vs. observable response, pacing, word choice, and the importance of setting. And we’ll do a writing exercise to help you put into practice the techniques we’ve discussed. You’ll leave with new tools for your writing toolbox and a better understanding of how words on a page can translate into emotions that will linger with the reader long after they’ve reached “The End.” 

Instructor: Katy Yocom, author of Three Ways to Disappear

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This event takes place online.

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Louisville Literary Arts

2240 Taylorsville Road
Suite #1 Box 5621
Louisville, KY 40255

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