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About Red Pin Tix

RedPinTix is an online ticket portal dedicated exclusively to events in the greater Louisville area. We offer local support and tickets that are easy, secure, and convenient to purchase. RedPinTix is owned and operated by LEO Weekly, The Voice Tribune, and Red Pin Media.

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What Clients Are Saying About RedPinTix:

"Carmichael's Bookstore hosts and organizes over 180 events each year, and we have used a lot of different ticketing systems over the years. [RedPinTix] has been by far the best to work with, with the most options for customization. [RedPinTix] has been flexible and responsive when asked to fit our stores' specific needs. Keeping our business local is extremely important to us as an independently owned Louisville business and working with [RedPinTix] has been a great choice." --Kate Weiss, Marketing & Events Manager, Carmichael's Bookstore