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Event Details

Louisville's Damn Good Improv Festival 2019

Louisville’s Home Grown Improv Festival To Showcase Local and National Acts With Award Winning Performances, Improv Workshops, And More At The Bard’s Town.

LOUISVILLE, KY, Aug. 29th – 31st – Presented by Nerd Louisville, local improv school Improv 502, to host Louisville’s largest and only Improv Comedy Festival at The Bard’s Town at 1801 Bardstown Rd. Metro Louisville will welcome 22 of the nation’s best improv comedy acts. 12 improv troupes from Kentucky as well as 10 troupes from places including Chicago, San Francisco, Des Moines, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, and Cincinnati.

Festival performances will take place in Louisville’s best improv comedy venue, The Bard’s Town. The theater upstairs will play host to 6 shows and 3 improv workshops over 3 days.

Workshop info and tickets can be found at www.improv502.com

Thursday, August 29th 7 pm

1. Gonzo Improv (Louisville, KY)

2. Here On Purpose (Pittsburgh, PA)

3. The Hystericals (Louisville, KY)

4. Kentucky Bill (Louisville, KY)


Thursday, August 29th 10 pm

1.Paducah Improv (Paducah, KY)

2. Bluetime (Cincinnati, OH)

3. Total B.S. (Louisville, KY)

4. Extra Crispy (Louisville, KY)


Friday, August 30th 7 pm

1. Improv Anonymous (Louisville, KY)

2. Harriet (Lexington, KY)

3. Uranium 253 (Cincinnati, OH)

4. Improv 502 (Louisville, KY)

Friday, August 30th 10 pm

1. Rhonda (Lexington, KY)

2. Project Improv (Louisville, KY)

3. Two Sketchy Dames - HEADLINER - (Cincinnati, OH)


Saturday, August 31st 7 pm

1. Homeburger (St. Louis, MO)

2. Hearts on Fire (Phoenix, AZ)

3.Hot Mic (Cincinnati, OH)

4. History Made Up - HEADLINER - (Des Moines, IA)


Saturday, August 31st 10 pm

1. The Secret Lives of Villains (San Francisco, CA)

2. FearScape (Louisville, KY)

3. Booze Your Own Adventure - HEADLINER - (Chicago, IL)

Venue Information

The Bard's Town
1801 Bardstown Rd
Louisville, KY 40205

Organizer Information

Improv 502

1716 Chelsey Ct.
Clarksville, IN 47129

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